IP telephony is the most widely used technology in the world today by companies, as it allows multiple calls to be made at a low cost and without requiring advanced or expensive infrastructure.

Now with Toll-Free & SIP Trunking.

New, robust, reliable, and cut-off-the-edge network at lower interconnection costs between our operational countries.

Nuxiba, The contact Rate Giant

Enabling fast and quality communication

Nuxiba's cloud-based services provide your contact center with immediate access to newer and better IT solutions without going through the hustle of installing unnecessary resource-eating apps.

We can offer you the best tools for your contact center to operate cloud-based. Our commitment is to maintain the quality and security of your calls at all times, implementing the best security standards to ensure it.

Nuxiba Telecomm results from putting together the necessary pieces that support, endorse, and lead the industry with the clear objective of providing you with the best experience.

Here are our most asked benefits you get with Nuxiba:

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Toll-Free numbers

Connect your business with the rest of the world, using toll-free (800) numbers.

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SIP Trunking

Expand your business network and let your voice be heard simply and less expensively, using the cloud as an ally to work regardless where you are.

Over our services, unifying communications from you to your customers, privately and unified.

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Advanced Technology

Services such as rotation of DIDs randomly or by city, + monthly reassignment of DIDs, with short response times.

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Flexible contracts and Highly competitive prices + a platform made just for you.*

*We developed our platform thinking of a whole broad of uses, but we can customize it to fit your needs with or without extra cost.

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TCPA compliance

Maximize your dialing with a TCPA Compliant Dialer!

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Contact guarantee

With a specialized carrier, focused on service models for Contact Centers.


Transform your customers’ experience.

With Nuxiba Telecomm you can call from the US to Mexico, without extra costs! With the same supplier, providing your customers with the best experience.

We focus on providing your call or contact center with the highest security in every call.

One of the most common concerns for consumers nowadays is a fraud that can be committed through improper use of confidential information over phone transactions.

Get to know these and many other benefits Nuxiba has for your business.

Complete solutions for your business

We can offer you the best tools for your contact center to operate. Our commitment is to maintain the quality and security of your calls, implementing the best standards to guarantee it.

In addition, with Nuxiba Telecomm you will have different communication channels to provide the best experience among them are:

  • Carrier level telephony
  • Email
  • Web Chat
  • Whatsapp
  • Cloud-based

Nuxiba Full Solutions

Grow your business affordably in an unlimited and easy international way and improve your communication with customers in Mexico.

Leave your details to learn more about prices and rates.

Get in contact today with one of our specialists and let us guide you through a change into a better customer experience, collect management and sales.

Focus on what truly matters in your operations.

Let us do the hard work!

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